Elkhart County Highway is responsible for all roads, bridges, and structures within Elkhart
County which are not state highways and which are not within the corporate limits of a city
or town. Elkhart County Highway is also responsible for all bridges within the corporate
limits of the cities within the county limits. Elkhart County Highway has 16 townships with
approximately 1150 miles of roadway and right-of-way, 167 bridges, and approximately 25
small structures to maintain.
610 Steury Avenue Goshen, Indiana 46528
P: (574) 534-9394
F: (574) 533-7103
If you have a concern for a road problem which
is not within Elkhart County Highway's
jurisdiction, you may contact the following

City of Elkhart: (574) 293-2572
City of Goshen: (574) 534-9711
Town of Bristol: (574) 848-7007
Town of Middlebury: (574) 825-1499
Town of Millersburg: (574) 642-3976
Town of Nappanee: (574) 773-4111
Town of Wakarusa: (574) 862-2245
Indiana Dept. of Transportation: (574) 294-3143
Elkhart County Highway
Elkhart County has developed an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Policy and
Transition Plan for all government buildings, as well as facilities within the county
right-of-way. To obtain more information about ADA and view the Elkhart County
Transition Plans please use the "ADA TRANSITION PLAN" button under the Quick
Reference section on this page.